Fabric Processing @ Bhoje Industries

Bhoje Industries is very sure about its quality output and performance in processing because of its long experience in this field. At Bhoje Industries we assure our clients for best processing practices in the industry. We can process all range of fabrics in our process house like Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic, Viscose, Rayon, Lycra, Satin, Nylon besides a range of other blends. Our supreme infrastructure gives our customers the flexibility to process all kinds of fabrics and constructions, be it heavier and lighter, counts or weights. Our wide range of machinery processes numerousranges of fabrics in our premises.

We are specialised in below given processes:


  • Dyeing

    Dyeing is commonly carried out with an anionic direct dye by completely immersing the fabric (or yarn) in an aqueous dyebath.

  • Printing

    Printing is the application of colour in the form of a paste or ink to the surface of a fabric, in a predetermined pattern.

  • Singeing

    Singeing is designed to burn off the surface fibres from the fabric to produce smoothness.


  • Scouring

    Scouring, is a chemical washing process carried out on cotton fabric to remove natural wax and non-fibrous impurities (e.g. the remains of seed fragments) from the fibres and any added soiling or dirt.

  • Desizing

    Depending on the size that has been used, the cloth may be steeped in a dilute acid and then rinsed, or enzymes may be used to break down the size.

  • Bleaching

    Bleaching improves whiteness by removing natural coloration and remaining trace impurities from the cotton; the degree of bleaching necessary is determined by the required whiteness and absorbency.